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Amano Icons

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October 2nd, 2008

09:41 pm - Eight for good luck.
I thought it would be nice to share these, and I'm a total sucker for his artwork ♥

More over here @ duskflare. Comment and credit =)

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April 6th, 2007

11:42 am - 15x Amano

[01-15] Yoshitaka Amano

By popular demand ... lol ... Yoshitaka Amano! I found these really cool illustrations of his and just had to icon them! Hopefully, I've made them to show off the illustrations in the best possible way. I hope you like them.

Credit 'Yoshitaka Amano' in the keywords & use the likeaflower user code in your description for all my icons, thank you :)


April 12th - This post is now Friends Only. You will now have to friend likeaflower to view.

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March 28th, 2007

09:39 pm - 22x Amano Fairy icons

[01-16] Yoshitaka Amano (Fairies)
[17-22] Arthur Rackham

Yoshitaka Amano is a fantasy artist I recently discovered. I came across his book "Fairies" by Yoshitaka Amano (2006) in the local library and scanned all the pictures so I can share with you as icons and help get his name known more... but lo and behold, the guy has a community!
I've also included a few Arthur Rackham icons. I don't think these are necessarily his best work, but I like them.

Also, when crediting my icons, please do it like this:
Keywords: Yoshitaka Amano, Description: < lj user="likeaflower" > (code), thank you :)


This post has just become Friends Only, friend likeaflower to view (as well as see all my other icons). :)

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September 3rd, 2006

10:17 pm - icons
1. 2. 3.

the rest is here

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March 31st, 2006

06:24 pm - More Icons
just a few more...nothing in particular:

thats it. i hope you enjoy!

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March 27th, 2006

05:28 pm
Here are some Vampire Hunter D icons I made:

oh and just one more cuz i really liked this one

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March 24th, 2006

09:55 pm
I love the icons you made, especially the NY Salad one. Tre cool!

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05:18 pm - <3 Amano <3
Hi! This is my attempt at a community..please be patient. I <3 all things Amano and am now taking up the hobby of making icons for him.
Current Mood: happyhappy

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